Superintegrability of d-Dimensional Conformal Blocks.

  title={Superintegrability of d-Dimensional Conformal Blocks.},
  author={Mikhail Isachenkov and Volker Schomerus},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={117 7},
We observe that conformal blocks of scalar four-point functions in a d-dimensional conformal field theory can be mapped to eigenfunctions of a two-particle hyperbolic Calogero-Sutherland Hamiltonian. The latter describes two coupled Pöschl-Teller particles. Their interaction, whose strength depends smoothly on the dimension d, is known to be superintegrable. Our observation enables us to exploit the rich mathematical literature on Calogero-Sutherland models in deriving various results for… 
Integrability of Conformal Blocks I: Calogero-Sutherland Scattering Theory
Conformal blocks are the central ingredient of the conformal bootstrap programme. We elaborate on our recent observation that uncovered a relation with wave functions of an integrable
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Abstract The construction of conformal blocks for the analysis of multipoint correlation functions with N > 4 local field insertions is an important open problem in higher dimensional conformal
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A bstractWe consider the dimensional reduction of a CFT, breaking multiplets of the d-dimensional conformal group SO(d + 1, 1) up into multiplets of SO(d, 1). This leads to an expansion of
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The main observation is that conformal blocks for N-point functions may be considered as eigenfunctions of integrable Gaudin Hamiltonians, which provides a complete set of differential equations that can be used to evaluate multipoint blocks.
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A bstractConformal blocks are the central ingredient of the conformal bootstrap programme. We elaborate on our recent observation that uncovered a relation with wave functions of an integrable
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In this note, we extend the striking connections between quantum integrable systems and conformal blocks recently found in this http URL in several directions. First, we explicitly demonstrate that
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A bstractIn this paper we develop further the relation between conformal four-point blocks involving external spinning fields and Calogero-Sutherland quantum mechanics with matrix-valued potentials.
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Recently, with the help of Parisi-Sourlas supersymmetry an intriguing relation was found expressing the four-point scalar conformal block of a (d-2)-dimensional CFT in terms of a five-term linear


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