Superfield Theory of Type (ii) Superstrings

  title={Superfield Theory of Type (ii) Superstrings},
  author={M. Green and J. Schwarz and L. Brink},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},
  • M. Green, J. Schwarz, L. Brink
  • Published 1983
  • Physics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Abstract Type (II) superstrings are described by light-cone superfields that are functionals of string superspace coordinates x i ( σ ) and ϑ a ( σ ) or the conjugate momenta p i ( σ ) and λ a ( σ ). The interaction hamiltonian and supersymmetry charges are determined to first order in the coupling constant by requiring invariance under the super-Poincare algebra, some of whose generators are implemented locally in σ. In a suitable low-energy limit the formalism goes smoothly into that of… CONTINUE READING
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