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Superfast Dynamics of Bipyridinium Ions at Interfaces and Polar Solutions.

  title={Superfast Dynamics of Bipyridinium Ions at Interfaces and Polar Solutions.},
  author={Yi-Xiong Huang},
The super-fast dynamics of solutes in polar solvents and at solid-liquid interface is investigated by femtosecond time-resolved Raman scattering (RRS) and computer simulation of molecular dynamics (MD). Femtosecond RRS is used to investigate four bipyridinium radicals in aqueous solution: methylviologen monocation MV+, benzylviologen monocation, 4 )4'-bipyridinium-N,N'-di( propylsulfonate) monoanion and NtN'-ethylene-2,2'bipyridinium monocation. Time-resolution of the dynamics of the four… 


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  • 1995
City, Hunan Province, the People’s Republic of China. He entered Hunan University in January 1978 and received his degree of Bachelor of Science, majoring in chemistry, in December 1981
  • 1993
His research interest in the doctoral program focusing on physical chemistry includes ultra-fast phenomena by timeresolved Raman spectroscopy and computer simulation
  • He was then enrolled in a dual degree program in January 1998. During January 1998 and May 1999, he completed his degree of Master of Science in Systems Science in
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