Superembeddings, nonlinear supersymmetry and five-branes

  title={Superembeddings, nonlinear supersymmetry and five-branes},
  author={Tom Adawi and Martin Cederwall and Ulf Gran and Magnus Holm and Bengt E. W. Nilsson},
  • Tom Adawi, Martin Cederwall, +2 authors Bengt E. W. Nilsson
  • Published 1998
  • Physics
  • We examine general properties of superembeddings, i.e., embeddings of supermanifolds into supermanifolds. The connection between an embedding procedure and the method of non-linearly realised supersymmetry is clarified, and we demonstrate how the latter arises as a special case of the former. As an illustration, the super-5-brane in 7 dimensions, containing a self-dual 3-form world-volume field strength, is formulated in both languages, and provides an example of a model where the embedding… CONTINUE READING

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