Supercritical fluid extraction of Z-sabinene hydrate-rich essential oils from Romanian Mentha hybrids

  title={Supercritical fluid extraction of Z-sabinene hydrate-rich essential oils from Romanian Mentha hybrids},
  author={E. Pop and D. Barth},
  journal={Pure and Applied Chemistry},
  pages={1287 - 1291}
The green solvent SCCO2 was used to extract the volatile part, rich in thermolabile compounds, Z-sabinene hydrate and its acetate, from a Romanian mint hybrid. The best yield, 2.26%, was obtained at 9294 bar, 50 °C (SFE 2). Kinetic study of SCCO2 extraction and hydrodistillation and monitoring by gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GCMS) analysis established optimal conditions for SCCO2 extracts with a high content of Z-sabinene hydrate (43.5%) and its acetate (19… Expand

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