Superconductors from superstrings.

  title={Superconductors from superstrings.},
  author={Steven S. Gubser and Christopher P. Herzog and Silviu S. Pufu and Tiberiu Teşileanu},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={103 14},
We establish that in a large class of strongly coupled (3+1)-dimensional N=1 quiver conformal field theories with gravity duals, adding a chemical potential for the R charge leads to the existence of superfluid states in which a chiral primary operator of the schematic form O=lambdalambda+W condenses. Here lambda is a gluino and W is the superpotential. Our argument is based on the construction of a consistent truncation of type IIB supergravity that includes a U(1) gauge field and a complex… CONTINUE READING
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