Superconductivity in In-doped AgSnBiTe3 with possible band inversion

  title={Superconductivity in In-doped AgSnBiTe3 with possible band inversion},
  author={Tsubasa Mitobe and Kazuhisa Hoshi and Md. Riad Kasem and Ryo Kiyama and Hidetomo Usui and Aichi Yamashita and Ryuji Higashinaka and Tatsuma D. Matsuda and Yuji Aoki and Takayoshi Katase and Yosuke Goto and Yoshikazu Mizuguchi},
We investigated the chemical pressure effects on structural and electronic properties of SnTe-based material using partial substitution of Sn by Ag0.5Bi0.5, which results in lattice shrinkage. For Sn1-2x(AgBi)xTe, single-phase polycrystalline samples were obtained with a wide range of x. On the basis of band calculations, we confirmed that the Sn1-2x(AgBi)xTe system is basically possessing band inversion and topologically preserved electronic states. To explore new superconducting phases… Expand

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