Superconductivity at 55 K in Iron-Based F-Doped Layered Quaternary Compound Sm[O1-xFx] FeAs

  title={Superconductivity at 55 K in Iron-Based F-Doped Layered Quaternary Compound Sm[O1-xFx] FeAs},
  author={Ren Zhi-An and Lu Wei and Yang Jie and Yi Wei and Shen Xiao-li and Zheng-cai and Che Guang-can and Dong Xiao-li and Sun Li-ling and Zhou Fang and Zhao Zhong-xian},
  journal={Chinese Physics Letters},
We report the superconductivity in iron-based oxyarsenide Sm[O1-xFx]FeAs, with the onset resistivity transition temperature at 55.0K and Meissner transition at 54.6 K. This compound has the same crystal structure as LaOFeAs with shrunk crystal lattices, and becomes the superconductor with the highest critical temperature among all materials besides copper oxides up to now. 
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