Superconductivity above 130 K in the Hg–Ba–Ca–Cu–O system

  title={Superconductivity above 130 K in the Hg–Ba–Ca–Cu–O system},
  author={Andreas Schilling and Marco Cantoni and J D Guo and H. R. Ott},
THE recent discovery1 of superconductivity below a transition temperature (Tc) of 94 K in HgBa2CuO4+δ has extended the repertoire of high-Tc superconductors containing copper oxide planes embedded in suitably structured (layered) materials. Previous experience with similar compounds containing bismuth and thallium instead of mercury suggested that even higher transition temperatures might be achieved in mercury-based compounds with more than one CuO2 layer per unit cell. Here we provide support… Expand
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High pressure effects revisited for the cuprate superconductor family with highest critical temperature
A systematic study of the pressure dependence of Tc in HgBa2Ca2Cu3O8+δ (Hg1212) and Hg1223 with the doping level from underdoped to overdoped is reported and a maximum Tc of 153 K at 22 GPa is confirmed in slightly underdoping Hg 1223. Expand


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