Superconducting phase transitions induced by chemical potential in (2+1)-dimensional four-fermion quantum field theory

  title={Superconducting phase transitions induced by chemical potential in (2+1)-dimensional four-fermion quantum field theory},
  author={Konstantin Klimenko and Roman Zhokhov and Vladimir Ch. Zhukovsky},
  journal={Physical Review D},
In the paper a generalization of the (1+1)-dimensional model by Chodos et al [Phys. Rev. D61, 045011 (2000)] has been performed to the case of (2+1)-dimensional spacetime. The model includes four-fermion interaction both in the fermion-antifermion (or chiral) and fermion-fermion (or superconducting) channels. We study temperature $T$ and chemical potential $\mu$ induced phase transitions in the leading order of large-$N$ expansion technique, where $N$ is a number of fermion fields. It is shown… 
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