Superconducting nanowire avalanche photodetectors

  title={Superconducting nanowire avalanche photodetectors},
  author={S. W. Nam and Brice Calkins and T. Gerritts and Stephen Harrington and A. E. Lita and Francesco Marsili and Varun B Verma and Igor Vayshenker and R. P. Mirin and Matthew D. Shaw and W. H. Farr and J. A. Stern},
  journal={2013 IEEE Photonics Conference},
Superconducting devices offer the potential to perform at speeds and detection efficiencies higher than what is possible using conventional technologies (such as semiconducting avalanche photodiodes and photomultiplier tubs) for wavelengths from the ultraviolet to the mid-infrared. As a result, there has been increasing interest in using superconducting… CONTINUE READING