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Superconducting nanodrop model

  title={Superconducting nanodrop model},
  author={Iogann Tolbatov},
  journal={arXiv: Superconductivity},
Superconducting nanodrop model is constructed on the basis of the assumption of equality of the free energy functional gradient term to zero due to the order parameter value constancy in the superconducting nanodrop volume. In the investigation, we have defined the superconducting nanodrop thermodynamical characteristics: partition function, the magnitudes of the jumps in entropy and specific heat at the second order phase transition, total energy, energy fluctuation, specific heat, free energy… 


Theory of fluctuations in superconductors

PHENOMENOLOGY OF FLUCTUATIONS: GINZBURG-LANDAU FORMALISM 1. Introduction 2. Fluctuation thermodynamics 3. Fluctuation transport 4. Fluctuations in vortex structures BASIC NOTIONS OF THE MICROSCOPIC