Superconducting interfaces between insulating oxides.

  title={Superconducting interfaces between insulating oxides.},
  author={Nicolas Reyren and S. U. Thiel and Andrea D Caviglia and Lena F. Kourkoutis and German Hammerl and Christoph Richter and Christof W. Schneider and Thilo Kopp and A-S R{\"u}etschi and Didier Jaccard and Marc Gabay and David A. Muller and J M Triscone and Jochen Mannhart},
  volume={317 5842},
At interfaces between complex oxides, electronic systems with unusual electronic properties can be generated. We report on superconductivity in the electron gas formed at the interface between two insulating dielectric perovskite oxides, LaAlO3 and SrTiO3. The behavior of the electron gas is that of a two-dimensional superconductor, confined to a thin sheet at the interface. The superconducting transition temperature of congruent with 200 millikelvin provides a strict upper limit to the… CONTINUE READING

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