Superconducting and critical properties of PrOFe0.9Co0.1As: effect of P doping

  title={Superconducting and critical properties of PrOFe0.9Co0.1As: effect of P doping},
  author={Shilpam Sharma and Jai Prakash and Gohil Singh Thakur and A. T. Satya and Arvind Krishnasamy Bharathi and Ashok Kumar Ganguli and C. S. Sundar},
  journal={Superconductor Science and Technology},
PrOFe0.9Co0.1As is known to be a superconductor with a TC of ~ 14 K. In an attempt to induce charge transfer and also induce chemical pressure between the FeAs and PrO layers we have synthesized for the first time oxypnictides of the type PrOFe0.9Co0.1As1 − xPx (P doping at As sites). All the compounds crystallize in the tetragonal ZrCuSiAs-type structure (space group = P4/nmm). The lattice parameters (a and c) decrease as expected on substitution of smaller phosphorus at the arsenic site in… Expand

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