Superconcentration, and randomized Dvoretzky's theorem for spaces with 1-unconditional bases

  title={Superconcentration, and randomized Dvoretzky's theorem for spaces with 1-unconditional bases},
  author={Konstantin E. Tikhomirov},
  journal={Journal of Functional Analysis},
Abstract Let n be a sufficiently large natural number and let B be an origin-symmetric convex body in R n in the l-position, and such that the space ( R n , ‖ ⋅ ‖ B ) admits a 1-unconditional basis. Then for any e ∈ ( 0 , 1 / 2 ] , and for random c e log ⁡ n / log ⁡ 1 e -dimensional subspace E distributed according to the rotation-invariant (Haar) measure, the section B ∩ E is ( 1 + e ) -Euclidean with probability close to one. This shows that the “worst-case” dependence on e in the randomized… 
Dichotomies, structure, and concentration in normed spaces
Abstract We use probabilistic, topological and combinatorial methods to establish the following deviation inequality: For any normed space X = ( R n , ‖ ⋅ ‖ ) there exists an invertible linear map T
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Let Cn = {−1, 1} be the discrete hypercube equipped with the uniform probability measure σn. Talagrand’s influence inequality (1994), also known as the L1 − L2 inequality, asserts that there exists C
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    Journal d'Analyse Mathématique
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The concentration of measure phenomenon in Gauss' space states that every $L$-Lipschitz map $f$ on $\mathbb R^n$ satisfies \[ \gamma_{n} \left(\{ x : | f(x) - M_{f} | \geqslant t \} \right) \leqslant
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Let $n$ be a large integer, and let $G$ be the standard Gaussian vector in $R^n$. Paouris, Valettas and Zinn (2015) showed that for all $p\in[1,c\log n]$, the variance of the $\ell_p^n$--norm of $G$
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Quelques inégalités de superconcentration : théorie et applications
Cette these porte sur le phenomene de superconcentration qui apparait dans l'etude des fluctuations de divers modeles de la recherche actuelle (matrices aleatoires, verres de spins, champ libre


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We study the dependence on e in the critical dimension k(n,p,e) for which one can find random sections of the lpn-ball which are (1+e)-spherical. We give lower (and upper) estimates for k(n,p,e) for
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AbstractLetx1,x2, ...,xn ben unit vectors in a normed spaceX and defineMn=Ave{‖Σi=1nε1xi‖:ε1=±1}. We prove that there exists a setA⊂{1, ...,n} of cardinality $$\left| A \right| \geqq \left[ {\sqrt n
The Random Version of Dvoretzky's Theorem in l_{\infty}^n
We show that with “high probability” a section of the `∞ ball of dimension k ≤ cε log n (c > 0 a universal constant) is ε close to a multiple of the Euclidean ball in this section. We also show that,
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This is a somewhat expanded form of a 4h course given, with small variations, first at the educational workshop Probabilistic methods in geometry, Bedlewo, Poland, July 6–12, 2008 and a few weeks
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We prove that for any $2 \varepsilon \mathbb E\|Z\| \right) \leq C \exp \left (- c \min \left\{ \alpha_p \varepsilon^2 n, (\varepsilon n)^{2/p} \right\} \right), \quad 0 0$ is a constant depending
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Consider the product measure μ p on {0, 1} n , when 0 (resp. 1) is given weight 1-p (resp. p). Consider a monotone subset A of {0, 1} n . We give a precise quantitative form to the following
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Preface.- 1.Introduction.- 2.Markov semigroups.- 3.Super concentration and chaos.- 4.Multiple valleys.- 5.Talagrand's method for proving super concentration.- 6.The spectral method for proving super
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LetK be a convex body in ℝn and letWi(K),i=1, …,n−1 be its quermassintegrals. We study minimization problems of the form min{Wi(TK)|T ∈ SLn} and show that bodies which appear as solutions of such