Super-radiant scattering of dispersive fields

  title={Super-radiant scattering of dispersive fields},
  author={Maur{\'i}cio Richartz and Angus Prain and Silke E. Ch. Weinfurtner and Stefano Liberati},
  journal={Classical and Quantum Gravity},
Motivated by analogue models of classical and quantum field theory in curved spacetimes and their recent experimental realizations, we consider wave scattering processes of dispersive fields exhibiting two extra scattering channels. In particular, we investigate how standard super-radiant scattering processes are affected by subluminal or superluminal modifications of the dispersion relation. We analyse simple (1+1)-dimensional toy models based on fourth-order corrections to the standard second… 

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Estimate of the superradiance spectrum in dispersive media

  • T. Torres
  • Physics
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A
  • 2020
This finding suggests that the vortex flow in the superradiance experiment was not purely absorbing, contrary to the event horizon of a rotating black hole, and increases the gap between this experimental vortex flow and a rotatingblack hole.

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