Super orbifold theory

  title={Super orbifold theory},
  author={Chongying Dong and Li Ren and Mei-chun Yang},
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Twisted Modules for Vertex Operator Superalgebras and Associative Algebras
Author(s): Petersen, Charles Anthony | Advisor(s): Dong, Chongying | Abstract: Let $V$ be a vertex operator superalgebra and $\sigma$ the order $2$ automorphism \linebreak associated with the
Orbifolds and minimal modular extensions
Let V be a simple, rational, C2-cofinite vertex operator algebra and G a finite group acting faithfully on V as automorphisms, which is simply called a rational vertex operator algebra with a
Vertex operator superalgebras and the 16-fold way
  • C. Dong, S. Ng, Li Ren
  • Computer Science
    Transactions of the American Mathematical Society
  • 2021
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Fusion products of twisted modules in permutation orbifolds.
Let $V$ be a vertex operator algebra, $k$ a positive integer and $\sigma$ a permutation automorphism of the vertex operator algebra $V^{\otimes k}$. In this paper, we determine the fusion product of
Three equivalent rationalities of vertex operator superalgebras
For any vertex operator superalgebra V=V0⊕V1 satisfying the C2-cofiniteness, it is proved that rationality of V, rationality of V0 and σ-rationality of V are equivalent under certain condition.
Twisted group algebras and their representations
Let be a finite group, a field. A twisted group algebra A() on over is an associative algebra whose elements are the formal linear combinations and in which the product (A)(B) is a non-zero multiple
On a q-Analogue of the McKay Correspondence and the ADE Classification of sl̂2 Conformal Field Theories
Abstract The goal of this paper is to give a category theory based definition and classification of “finite subgroups in Uq( s l 2)” where q=eπi/l is a root of unity. We propose a definition of such
On Axiomatic Approaches to Vertex Operator Algebras and Modules
Introduction Vertex operator algebras Duality for vertex operator algebras Modules Duality for modules References.