Super fiber bundles, connection forms, and parallel transport

  title={Super fiber bundles, connection forms, and parallel transport},
  author={Konstantin Eder},
  • K. Eder
  • Published 4 January 2021
  • Mathematics, Physics
The present work provides a mathematically rigorous account on super fiber bundle theory, connection forms and their parallel transport, that ties together various approaches. We begin with a detailed introduction to super fiber bundles. We then introduce the concept of so-called relative supermanifolds as well as bundles and connections defined in these categories. Studying these objects turn out to be of utmost importance in order to, among other things, model anticommuting classical… 

Holst-MacDowell-Mansouri action for (extended) supergravity with boundaries and super Chern-Simons theory

In this article, the Cartan geometric approach toward (extended) supergravity in the presence of boundaries will be discussed. In particular, based on new developments in this field, we will derive

Supergeometry, Supergravity and Kaluza-Klein Theory

  • Physics, Geology
  • 2022
We discuss methods of consistent Kaluza-Klein truncations of theories of supergravitation. We pay close attention to the underlying gauge and super-gauge theories supporting gravity and supergravity

Chiral loop quantum supergravity and black hole entropy

Recent work has shown that local supersymmetry on a spacetime boundary in N -extended AdS supergravity in chiral variables implies coupling to a boundary OSp( N| 2) C super Chern-Simons theory. We



Super Cartan geometry and the super Ashtekar connection

This work is devoted to the geometric approach to supergravity. More precisely, we interpret N = 1 supergravity as a super Cartan geometry which provides a link between supergravity and super

Super Wilson Loops and Holonomy on Supermanifolds

The classical Wilson loop is the gauge-invariant trace of the parallel transport around a closed path with respect to a connection on a vector bundle over a smooth manifold. We build a precise

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Infinite-Dimensional Supermanifolds via Multilinear Bundles

In this paper, we provide an accessible introduction to the theory of locally convex supermanifolds in the categorical approach. In this setting, a supermanifold is a functorM : Gr→Man from the

Supergravity in the Group‐Geometric Framework: A Primer

We review the group‐geometric approach to supergravity theories, in the perspective of recent developments and applications. Usual diffeomorphisms, gauge symmetries and supersymmetries are unified as

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Differential cohomology in a cohesive infinity-topos

We formulate differential cohomology and Chern-Weil theory -- the theory of connections on fiber bundles and of gauge fields -- abstractly in the context of a certain class of higher toposes that we