Super Yang Mills theory with unbroken chiral symmetry


Maldacena and Nunez [hep-th/0008001] identified a gravity solution describing pureN = 1 Yang-Mills (YM) in the IR. Their (smooth) supergravity solution exhibits confinement and the U(1)R chiral symmetry breaking of the dual YM theory, while the singular solution corresponds to the gauge theory phase with unbroken U(1)R chiral symmetry. In this paper we discuss supersymmetric type IIB compactifications on resolved conifolds with torsion. We rederive singular background of [hep-th/0008001] directly from the supersymmetry conditions. This solution is the relevant starting point to study non-BPS backgrounds dual to the high temperature phase of pure YM. We construct the simplest black hole solution in this background. We argue that it has a regular Schwarzschild horizon and provides a resolution of the IR singularity of the chirally symmetric extremal solution as suggested in [hep-th/0011146]. 1

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