Sunspots and influenza

  title={Sunspots and influenza},
  author={Fred Sir Hoyle and N. C. WlCKRAMASINGHE},
Solar Cycle, Maunder Minimum and Pandemic Influenza
Introduction The etymology of the word influenza immediately connects with astronomy. Derived from Latin word influentia, meaning “to flow into” it seems to have been first used from early medievalExpand
Revealing the relationship between solar activity and COVID-19 and forecasting of possible future viruses using multi-step autoregression (MSAR)
The result of the analysis ofPandemics that occurred from 1750 to 2020 shows that world’s great viral pandemics like COVID-19 coincide with the relative extrema of sunspot number and the future time of possible virus generation is forecast. Expand
What sunspots are whispering about covid-19?
It is believed that understanding the role of ELF electromagnetic fields in regulating the biosphere is important in the fight against Covid-19, and research in this direction should be intensified. Expand
On The Occurrence of Historical Pandemics During The Grand Solar Minima
The occurrence of viral pandemics depends on several factors, including their stochasticity, and the prediction may not be possible. However, we show that the historical register of pandemicsExpand
Sunspot Cycle Minima and Pandemics: The Case for Vigilance?
Direct records of sunspots and the solar cycle have been maintained in astronomical observatories for about 1610 AD, while indirect records derived from 14C analysis of ice cores go back to about 900Expand
Sunspot activity and influenza pandemics: a statistical assessment of the purported association
  • S. Towers
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • Epidemiology and Infection
  • 2017
The focus in this particular analysis was on the purported relationship of influenza pandemics to sunspot activity, and the faults found in the past analyses are common pitfalls; inattention to analysis reproducibility and robustness assessment are common problems in the sciences. Expand
Is sunspot activity a factor in influenza pandemics?
  • Jiangwen Qu
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Reviews in medical virology
  • 2016
Efforts to construct a comprehensive early warning system for potential influenza and other viral pandemics that include analysis of sunspot activity and stratospheric sampling for viral variants should be supported. Expand
Cyclic variations in the dynamics of flu incidence in Azerbaijan, 1976–2000
The presence of multicomponent cyclic dynamics in influenza incidence is revealed by using relatively long time-series of monthly data from Grand Baku area, Azerbaijan, and indicated that the main cyclic pattern was a seasonal one, with a period of T = 12 months. Expand


Influenza: The last great plague
The latter part of the book consists of a series of diatribes against scientific investigation, orthodox psychiatry, and in particular physical treatments, which seems a sad decline from The Divided Self. Expand