Sunny, Rainy, and Cloudy with a Chance of Mobile Promotion Effectiveness

  title={Sunny, Rainy, and Cloudy with a Chance of Mobile Promotion Effectiveness},
  author={Chenxi Li and Xueming Luo and Cheng Zhang and Xiaoyi Wang},
  journal={Cognitive Social Science eJournal},
Although firms are leveraging weather conditions in promotions, they struggle to quantify the impact. This study exploits field experiment data on weather-based mobile promotions with over six million users. Results find that sunny and rainy weather have first-order main effects. Purchase responses to promotions are higher and faster in sunny weather relative to cloudy weather, whereas purchase responses to promotions are lower and slower in rainy weather. These findings are robust across… 

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Overall, the large individual differences in how people's moods were affected by weather reconciles the discrepancy between the generally held beliefs that weather has a substantive effect on mood and findings from previous research indicating that effects of weather on mood are limited or absent.

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