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Sunagocia Sainsburyi, A New Flathead Fish (Scorpaeniformes : Platycephalidae) From Northwestern Australia

  title={Sunagocia Sainsburyi, A New Flathead Fish (Scorpaeniformes : Platycephalidae) From Northwestern Australia},
  author={Leslie W. Knapp and Hisashi Imamura},
Based on two specimens taken by bottom trawl from northwestern Australia, Sunagocia sainsburyi differs from its congeners in having: 4-5 preorbital spines; 5 total gill rakers on first arch; a bony expansion of suborbitalridge base on cheek bearing 1-2 rows of small spines; and no papillae on upper surface of eye. It also tends to have more spines on the ethmoid and on the supraorbital and suborbital ridges. A table compares features of the new species to the other three species currently… 
Cryptic diversity in flathead fishes (Scorpaeniformes: Platycephalidae) across the Indo‐West Pacific uncovered by DNA barcoding
A thorough reappraisal of the current taxonomy of P. indicus (and its three junior synonyms) is warranted in conjunction with detailed taxonomic work on the other additional Platycephalidae OTUs detected by DNA barcoding.
Catalogue of type specimens of fishes in the Western Australian Museum (Second Edition)
A revised catalogue of fish collection at the Western Austalian Museum contains type specimens of 704 species, of which 347 are primary types, and a complete checklist is presented.
Leslie William Knapp (1929–2017)
L ESLIE WILLIAM KNAPP was born in Auburn, New York on November 17, 1929 and died May 17, 2017 in Maryland. He graduated from Port Byron Central School, Port Byron, New York in 1947. Les is survived