Sumoylation Silences the Plasma Membrane Leak K+ Channel K2P1

  title={Sumoylation Silences the Plasma Membrane Leak K+ Channel K2P1},
  author={Sindhu K. Rajan and Leigh D Plant and Michael L. Rabin and Margaret H. Butler and Steve A. N. Goldstein},
Reversible, covalent modification with small ubiquitin-related modifier proteins (SUMOs) is known to mediate nuclear import/export and activity of transcription factors. Here, the SUMO pathway is shown to operate at the plasma membrane to control ion channel function. SUMO-conjugating enzyme is seen to be resident in plasma membrane, to assemble with K2P1, and to modify K2P1 lysine 274. K2P1 had not previously shown function despite mRNA expression in heart, brain, and kidney and sequence… CONTINUE READING
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