• Materials Science
  • Published 1987

Summary of HSST wide-plate crack-arrest tests and analyses

  title={Summary of HSST wide-plate crack-arrest tests and analyses},
  author={D. J. Naus and B. Richard Bass and J. Keeney-Walker and Richard J. Fields and R Dewit and Samuel R. Low},
Eleven wide-plate crack-arrest tests have been completed to date, seven utilizing specimens fabricated from A533B class 1 material (WP-1 series), and four fabricated from a low upper-shelf base material (WP-2 series). With the exception of one test in the WP-1 series and two tests in the WP-2 series which utilized 152-mm-thick specimens, each test utilized a single-edge notched (SEN) plate specimen 1 by 1 by 0.1 m that was subjected to a linear thermal gradient along the plane of crack… CONTINUE READING