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Sumerian in the Middle Assyrian Period

  title={Sumerian in the Middle Assyrian Period},
  author={Jens Braarvig and Markham J. Geller},
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Of Sumerian Songs and Spells

Abstract The paper explores the uses of the Sumerian expression ser3-ku3, with a view to clarifying its sense. The paper arises from my study of Babylonian šerkugû, which I argue to have the meaning



The farmer's instructions : a Sumerian agricultural manual

Three More Duplicates to Astrolabe b

While the present author had been studying under the supervision of Prof. W.G. Lambert, in Birmingham, in order to get his Ph. D., he was kindly informed by him that there were three more duplicates

The tablet House: a scribal school in old Babylonian Nippur

Resume La maison F dans la Nippur du XVIIIe siecle a livre plus de 1 400 tablettes dans un contexte archeologique precis. Elle fournit donc une occasion unique de verifier nos theories relatives a la

Eléments de linguistique sumérienne: La construction de du11

  • 1993

To these belong K 4905+

  • 1980

Izi = išātu, Ká-gal = abullu and Níg-ga =makkūru

  • Materials for the Sumerian Lexicon 13. Rome: Pontificium Institutum Biblicum.
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Das Siegel des Schreibers Aššur-šumi-aṣbat, Sohn des Ribāte

  • Baghdader Mitteilungen 13:143–154.
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A Middle Assyrian Tablet of Utukkū Lemnūtu, Tablet 12

The Middle Assyrian Tablet BM 130660 adds new material to the latter part of Tablet 12 of Utukkū Lemnūtu, which is imperfectly known from NA and LB sources, mainly from Kuyunjik and Assur. The gaps