Sulla funzione gamma incompleta

  title={Sulla funzione gamma incompleta},
  author={F. Tricomi},
  journal={Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata},
  • F. Tricomi
  • Published 1950
  • Mathematics
  • Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata
SuntoStudio sistematico della funzione in parola, ch’è un’importante caso particolare delle funzioni ipergeometriche confluenti, insistendo porticolarmente su alcuni nuovi lineamenti della teoria, p. es. su certi sviluppi in serie di funzioni di Bessel e sullo studio dell’andamento nel campo reale. 
Certain Integral Transforms for the Incomplete Functions
Srivastavaet al. [14] introduced the incomplete Pochhammer symbols that lead to a natural generalization and decomposition of a class of hypergeometric and other relate d functions to mainlyExpand
A Family of the Incomplete Hypergeometric Functions and Associated Integral Transform and Fractional Derivative Formulas
Recently, Srivastava et al. [ Integral Transforms Spec. Funct. 23 (2012), 659-683] introduced the incomplete Pochhammer symbols that led to a natural generalization and decomposition of a class ofExpand
Expansion of the confluent hypergeometric function in series of Bessel functions
An expansion of the confluent hypergeometric functioll IP(a, c, z) in series of functions of the same kind has been given by Buchholz (1). By specializa- tion of some quantities, there is obtained anExpand
Abstract. During the past four decades or so, due mainly to a wide range of applications from natural sciences to social sciences, the so-called fractional calculus has attracted an enormousExpand
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The accuracy reached by the algorithm improves a recent state-of-the-art method by two orders of magnitude, and it is essentially optimal considering the limitations imposed by floating point arithmetic. Expand
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Generating functions play an important role in the investigation of various useful properties of the sequences which they generate. In this paper, we aim to establish certain generating functions forExpand
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The two Fresnel Integrals are real and imaginary part of the integral over complex-valued exp(ix^2) as a function of the upper limit. They are special cases of the integrals over x^m*exp(i*x^n) forExpand
Laminar boundary layer on a flat plate at high Prandtl number
ZusammenfassungDas Problem der Laminarströmung einer kompressiblen Flüssigkeit längs einer ebenen Platte bei grossen Prandtlzahlen σ wird mit Hilfe der Methode der inneren und äusseren ExpansionExpand
Integral Representation for Bessel’s Functions of the First Kind and Neumann Series
A Fourier-type integral representation for Bessel’s functions of the first kind and complex order is obtained by using the Gegenbauer extension of Poisson’s integral representation for the BesselExpand
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SummaryThe trapezoidal rule is applied to the numerical calculation of a known integral representation of the complementary incomplete gamma function Г (a,x) in the regiona<−1 andx>0. Since thisExpand


Sulle funzioni ipergeometriche confluenti
Sunto.Studio delle funzioni ipergeometriche confluenti pouendo in primo piano — invece della coppiaMk,mKk,m delle funzioni di Whittaker — la funzioneF(a, c; x) di Pochhammer-Kummer e un'analogaExpand