Sulfur-modified asphalt emulsion binder composition and

  title={Sulfur-modified asphalt emulsion binder composition and},
  author={米林德·M·维迪雅 and 赫瓦贾·H·安瓦尔 and 让-皮埃尔·R·巴拉盖 and 洛朗·莱万多夫斯基},
The present invention discloses a fractionation performance of sulfur-extended asphalt binder emulsion, which is prepared by mixing a thickener, emulsifier, Performance Grade sulfur-extended asphalt binder, and optionally saponification agent and the aqueous solution made basic. During the generation of the asphalt emulsion, of the components, or combinations thereof does not exceed 275 ° F. Also disclosed Performance Grade sulfur-extended asphalt binder emulsion residue, which was recovered by… CONTINUE READING

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