Sulfur isotopic reconnaissance of Butte, Montana

  title={Sulfur isotopic reconnaissance of Butte, Montana},
  author={I. M. de Lange and Eric S. Cheney},
The immense amount of geologic information available for interpreting geochemical data makes Butte, Montana, ideal for a sulfur isotopic study.The mean per mil values for the different Main Stage minerals show the following order of S 34 enrichment.Peripheral Zone: pyrite (3.6) > sphalerite (0.5)Intermediate Zone: pyrite (1.3) > chalcopyrite (--0.1) = enargite (--0.1) >bornite (--0.3) > chalcocite (--1.3)Central Zone: pyrite (0.7) > chalcocite (--1.7) > enargite (--2.0)Deep Level Zone: pyrite… CONTINUE READING