Sulfur-containing hetero-calix[4]pyrroles as mercury(II) cation-selective receptors: thermodynamic aspects.


Two sulfur-containing hybrid calix[4]pyrrole derivatives (III and IV) have been synthesized and fully characterized. Several analytical techniques (1H NMR, conductance measurements, UV-vis spectrophotometry, titration potentiometry, and titration calorimetry) have been used to assess the interaction between these hybrid calixpyrrole receptors and metal cations in acetonitrile and dimethylsulfoxide. The partition constants of calix[4]pyrrole, I, II, and IV in the acetonitrile-hexane solvent system and the solubilities of the ligands in various solvents at 298.15 K were determined. 1H NMR measurements reveal the sites of interaction of calixpyrrole ligands with metal cations in CD3CN. Conductance and UV-vis spectrophotometric measurements were performed to establish the composition of mercury(II) calixpyrrole complexes in acetonitrile at 298.15 K. Titration calorimetry was used to quantitatively assess Hg(II)-calixpyrrole interactions. Thus the thermodynamics of complexation of calixpyrrole ligands with the mercury(II) cation in acetonitrile at 298.15 K are reported. Potentiometric titrations were also used to establish the stepwise stability constants for the complexation of calix[3]thieno[1]pyrrole with the Hg(II) cation in acetonitrile at 298.15 K. The results show that replacement of one or more pyrrole units by thiophene rings in calix[4]pyrrole has tuned significantly the discrimination ability of these ligands between anions and enables the produced hybrid calixpyrroles to bind selectively with Hg(II) in acetonitrile. No interaction was observed between these ligands and other metal cations in acetonitrile.

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