Sulfur bentonite-organic-based fertilizers as tool for improving bio-compounds with antioxidant activities in red onion.

  title={Sulfur bentonite-organic-based fertilizers as tool for improving bio-compounds with antioxidant activities in red onion.},
  author={Adele Muscolo and Teresa Papalia and Giovanna Settineri and Carmelo Mallamaci and Maria Rosaria Panuccio},
  journal={Journal of the science of food and agriculture},
BACKGROUND Red onion is popular in cuisines worldwide and is valued for its potential medicinal properties. Red onion is an important source of several phytonutrients as flavonoids, thiosulphinates and other Sulphur compounds, recognized as important elements of the diet. Nowadays there is the need of producing food enriched in health benefit compounds. In this study pads of Sulphur-bentonite (SB) with the addition of orange residue (OR) or olive pomace (OP) were used to improve the quality of… Expand
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