Sulfur availability regulates plant growth via glucose-TOR signaling

  title={Sulfur availability regulates plant growth via glucose-TOR signaling},
  author={Yihan Dong and Marleen Silbermann and Anna Speiser and Ilaria Forieri and Eric Linster and Gernot Poschet and Arman Allboje Samami and Mutsumi Wanatabe and Carsten Sticht and Aurelio A Teleman and Jean-Marc Deragon and Kazuki Saito and Ruediger Hell and Markus Wirtz},
  booktitle={Nature Communications},
Growth of eukaryotic cells is regulated by the target of rapamycin (TOR). The strongest activator of TOR in metazoa is amino acid availability. The established transducers of amino acid sensing to TOR in metazoa are absent in plants. Hence, a fundamental question is how amino acid sensing is achieved in photo-autotrophic organisms. Here we demonstrate that the plant Arabidopsis does not sense the sulfur-containing amino acid cysteine itself, but its biosynthetic precursors. We identify the… CONTINUE READING