Sulfur and nitrogen fertility affects flavour of field-grown onions

  title={Sulfur and nitrogen fertility affects flavour of field-grown onions},
  author={John McCallum and Noel G. Porter and Bruce Searle and Martin Shaw and Bodhi I. Bettjeman and Michael McManus},
  journal={Plant and Soil},
Although glasshouse studies have conclusively demonstrated that S nutrition can affect onion (Allium cepaL.) pungency this has been rarely observed in field-based studies due to difficulties in controlling S nutrition and lack of efficient methods for measurement of flavour bioactives. We have developed a rapid automated method for determination of onion lachrymatory factor ((Z, E)-thiopropanal-S-oxide; LF) based on juice extraction into dichloromethane and gas chromatography (GC) analysis with… CONTINUE READING
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