Sulfur amino acid metabolism in hepatobiliary disorders.

  title={Sulfur amino acid metabolism in hepatobiliary disorders.},
  author={Jan M{\aa}rtensson and U Foberg and Aril Fryd{\'e}n and Morton K. Schwartz and B O S{\"o}rbo and Ola Weiland},
  journal={Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology},
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Sulfur amino acid metabolism was studied in patients with mild to severe forms of liver dysfunction and compared with that of healthy controls. Patients with mild liver dysfunction (for example, Gilbert's syndrome) had a normal sulfur amino acid metabolism. With increased inflammatory activity and cirrhosis (for example, chronic active hepatitis, alcohol-induced cirrhosis, and hepatic coma) a decreased ability to metabolize methionine (to cysteine, with cystathionine accumulation) and cysteine… CONTINUE READING