Sulfur Loaded by Nanometric Tin as a New Electrode for High‐Performance Lithium/Sulfur Batteries

  title={Sulfur Loaded by Nanometric Tin as a New Electrode for High‐Performance Lithium/Sulfur Batteries},
  author={Vittorio Marangon and Jusef Hassoun},
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Lithium–Metal Batteries Using Sustainable Electrolyte Media and Various Cathode Chemistries
The use of concentrated glyme-based electrolytes, the fine-tuning of the operative conditions, and the careful selection of active materials chemistry are suggested as significant steps to achieve practical and safe lithium–metal batteries.
A Stable High‐Capacity Lithium‐Ion Battery Using a Biomass‐Derived Sulfur‐Carbon Cathode and Lithiated Silicon Anode
The data reported herein well indicate the reliability of energy storage devices with extended cycle life employing high-energy, green and safe electrode materials.
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Herein, for the first time, we study the reversible conversion in a lithium cell of a novel sulfur–metal nanocomposite by combining X-ray computed tomography data at the micro- and nanoscales with
Synthesis of Ni@NiSn Composite with High Lithium‐Ion Diffusion Coefficient for Fast‐Charging Lithium‐Ion Batteries
It is proved that a Ni@SnNi composite possesses high lithium‐ion diffusion coefficient, which is much higher than those reported previously, which can be mainly attributed to the unique flower‐like Ni@ SnNi structure.


Fe, N co-doped graphene as a multi-functional anchor material for lithium-sulfur battery
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Tin monosulfide (SnS) thin films prepared by chemical bath deposition (CBD) were annealed in a tubular furnace at different temperatures (350, 400 and 450 °C (1 h)), in the presence of elemental
Long-cycle-life Lithium-sulfur Batteries with Lithium Solvate Ionic Liquids
The electrochemical properties of a sulfur positive electrode in equimolar glyme-Li salt mixtures were investigated. Cyclic voltammograms indicated that the insertion of Li into the sulfur/carbon
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A novel hybrid electrolyte prepared using NASICON-type oxide ceramics and fluorinated electrolytes has been employed in semi-solid-state Li–S batteries. A high stability of over 1200 cycles and
Lithium-ion batteries for sustainable energy storage: recent advances towards new cell configurations
The review highlights the main issues related to full cell assembly, which have been tentatively addressed by a limited number of reports, while many papers describe materials investigation in half-cells, i.e., employing lithium metal anodes.