Sulfoxidation on a SiO2-supported Ru complex using O2/aldehyde system.


A site-isolated SiO(2)-supported Ru-monomer complex, whose structure was characterized by means of solid-state NMR, XPS, UV/vis, and Ru K-edge EXAFS, was found to be efficient for sulfoxidation using an O(2)/aldehyde system. Significant enhancement of sulfoxidation rates was observed on the SiO(2)-supported Ru complex for various sulfide derivatives. 
DOI: 10.1039/c2dt12133f


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@article{Maity2012SulfoxidationOA, title={Sulfoxidation on a SiO2-supported Ru complex using O2/aldehyde system.}, author={Niladri Maity and Chularat Wattanakit and Satoshi Muratsugu and Nozomu Ishiguro and Yong Yang and Shin-Ichi Ohkoshi and Mizuki Tada}, journal={Dalton transactions}, year={2012}, volume={41 15}, pages={4558-65} }