Sulfonylurea treatment before genetic testing in neonatal diabetes: pros and cons.

  title={Sulfonylurea treatment before genetic testing in neonatal diabetes: pros and cons.},
  author={David Carmody and Charles D. Bell and Jessica L. Hwang and Jazzmyne T. Dickens and Daniela I Sima and Dania L. Felipe and Carrie A Zimmer and Ajuah O Davis and Kateryna Kotlyarevska and Rochelle N. Naylor and Louis Philipson and Siri Atma W Greeley},
  journal={The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism},
  volume={99 12},
CONTEXT Diabetes in neonates nearly always has a monogenic etiology. Earlier sulfonylurea therapy can improve glycemic control and potential neurodevelopmental outcomes in children with KCNJ11 or ABCC8 mutations, the most common gene causes. OBJECTIVE Assess the risks and benefits of initiating sulfonylurea therapy before genetic testing results become available. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PATIENTS Observational retrospective study of subjects with neonatal diabetes within the University of… CONTINUE READING

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