Sulfidogenic volatile fatty acid degradation in a baffled reactor.

  title={Sulfidogenic volatile fatty acid degradation in a baffled reactor.},
  author={Marcus V G Vallero and Piet N L Lens and Chris Bakker and Gatze Lettinga},
  journal={Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research},
  volume={48 3},
The effect of staging the sludge bed on volatile fatty acid degradation by sulfidogenic reactors was evaluated in a baffled reactor. In a 5.4 l baffled reactor, containing three equal compartments, a volatile fatty acid (VFA) mixture (acetate:propionate:butyrate ratio 1:2:2 on COD basis; pH 8) was treated under mesophilic (30 degrees C) and sulfidogenic (COD:SO4(2-) ratio: 0.5) conditions for 38 days. At a specific sludge loading rate of 0.50 g COD.gVSS(-1) x d(-1), a COD and sulfate removal of… CONTINUE READING
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