Sulfhydryl groups of chicken liver purine nucleoside phosphorylase.


Purine nucleoside phosphorylase purified from chicken liver was inactivated by the sulfhydryl reagent, 4,4'-dithiodipyridine. The inactivation was strongly prevented by the substrates, inosine, phosphate and arsenate. Inactivated enzyme could be reactivated by dithiothreitol. The stoichiometry of modification of sulfhydryl groups was 1.2 residues per mol of… (More)


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@article{Umemura1983SulfhydrylGO, title={Sulfhydryl groups of chicken liver purine nucleoside phosphorylase.}, author={Shiori Umemura and T. Nishino and K. Murakami and Kenji Tsushima}, journal={Comparative biochemistry and physiology. B, Comparative biochemistry}, year={1983}, volume={75 2}, pages={233-6} }