Sulfhydryl compounds may mediate gastric cytoprotection.

  title={Sulfhydryl compounds may mediate gastric cytoprotection.},
  author={S{\'a}ndor Szab{\'o} and Jerry Steven Trier and P W Frankel},
  volume={214 4517},
Ethanol induces hemorrhagic gastric erosions and causes a dose-dependent decrease in the concentration of nonprotein sulfhydryl compounds in rat gastric mucosa. Sulfhydryl-containing drugs protect rats from ethanol-induced gastric erosions, whereas sulfhydryl blocking agents counteract the mucosal cytoprotective effect of prostaglandin F2 beta. These observations suggest that endogenous nonprotein sulfhydryls may mediate prostaglandin-induced gastric cytoprotection and that sulfhydryl drugs may… CONTINUE READING

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