Sulf1 expression pattern and its role in cartilage and joint development.

  title={Sulf1 expression pattern and its role in cartilage and joint development.},
  author={Wanfeng Zhao and Graciela B. Sala-Newby and Gurtej K. Dhoot},
  journal={Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists},
  volume={235 12},
A very dynamic and localised spatiotemporal expression pattern of Sulf1 was observed in axial structures and different regions of developing quail somites that included myotomal and sclerotomal regions at specific levels. Sulf1 expression was also observed in not only the scapular and pelvic girdle forming regions of the quail limb that connect the appendicular skeleton to the body trunk but also the cartilage templates of the appendicular skeleton. The highest expression level of Sulf1 was… CONTINUE READING

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