Sulbactam/ampicillin in the treatment of acute epiglottitis in children.

  title={Sulbactam/ampicillin in the treatment of acute epiglottitis in children.},
  author={Ellen R. Wald and James S Reilly and Charles D. Bluestone and Darlene Chiponis},
  journal={Reviews of infectious diseases},
  volume={8 Suppl 5},
Acute epiglottitis, a life-threatening illness, is characterized by the sudden onset and rapid progression of respiratory obstruction. The etiologic agent is almost exclusively Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib). During the past decade as many as 25% of strains of Hib have been shown to produce beta-lactamase and be resistant to ampicillin. Recommendations for treatment, in addition to the immediate intubation of the airway, include the administration of chloramphenicol in combination with… CONTINUE READING