Sulama Amaçlı Hazne Kapasitesinin Belirlenmesinde Çeşitli Yöntemlerin Karşılaştırılması

  title={Sulama Amaçlı Hazne Kapasitesinin Belirlenmesinde Çeşitli Y{\"o}ntemlerin Karşılaştırılması},
  author={Taleghani Mohammad and Salmasi},
Usually development of dams and irrigation-drainage projects requires high investment cost. Because of financial limitations, consideration of optimization techniques for determination of reservoir capacity is clear. Determination of reservoir capacity by classical methods such as mass curve (Ripple method) and sequent peak algorithm, don't consider all effective parameters in problem. In these methods reservoir capacity may be estimated with a higher than that of optimization methods. In this… CONTINUE READING