Suicides of alcohol misusers and non-misusers in a nationwide population.

  title={Suicides of alcohol misusers and non-misusers in a nationwide population.},
  author={Sami P. Pirkola and Erkki Isomets{\"a} and Martti E Heikkinen and Jouko L{\"o}nnqvist},
  journal={Alcohol and alcoholism},
  volume={35 1},
Alcohol dependence is a risk factor for suicide, and in the general population alcohol consumption and suicide rates are known to be associated. We investigated victims with and without alcohol misuse among unselected completed suicides to explore the role of alcohol misuse in the suicidal process and final act. In a total 1-year (1987-1988) population of suicides in the National Suicide Prevention Project in Finland, alcohol-misusing and -non-misusing victims were compared. On the basis of… CONTINUE READING

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