Suicide of elderly persons: towards a framework for prevention.

  title={Suicide of elderly persons: towards a framework for prevention.},
  author={Sema Demirçin and Murat Akkoyun and Rıza Yilmaz and Mira R G{\"o}kdoğan},
  journal={Geriatrics & gerontology international},
  volume={11 1},
Suicide is an act of intentionally terminating one's own life. Although suicide rates vary across demographic categories, they have increased by approximately 60% in the last 50 years. Many studies of adolescent suicidal behavior have noted impulsivity to be a common feature in the younger age group, while with older people there is evidence of planning and a strong intent to die. In fact, older people are most successful as an age group with approximately one in four attempts resulting in… CONTINUE READING
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