Suicide in young men

  title={Suicide in young men},
  author={Alexandra L. Pitman and Karolina Krysińska and David P. J. Osborn and Michael King},
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Suicide behaviour among Guyanese orphans: identification of suicide risk and protective factors in a low- to middle-income country

Interpersonal skills may be protective for youth at highest risk for suicide, as indicated by clinically elevated interpersonal relations scale scores when compared to youth who did not.

Suicide among young people in the Americas.

Changes in risk factors for young male suicide in Newcastle upon Tyne, 1961–2009

There is a need for more interventions and focus to be given to young males in the suicide prevention area and areas that could be tackled include reducing access to means of suicide, reducing alcohol use, support for relationship difficulties, engagement with mental health services and management of chronic illness.

Substance misuse in life and death in a 2-year cohort of suicides

A deeper understanding of the relationship between substance misuse and suicide could contribute to prevention initiatives and standardised toxicology screening processes would avoid diminishing the importance of psychosocial factors involved in suicide as a ‘cause of death’.

The Burden of Suicide in Rural Bangladesh: Magnitude and Risk Factors

Suicide is a major public health problem in Bangladesh that needs to be addressed with targeted interventions by addressing the burden and risk factors through targeted interventions.

Epidemiology of Suicide and the Psychiatric Perspective

  • S. Bachmann
  • Psychology, Medicine
    International journal of environmental research and public health
  • 2018
Suicidality represents a major societal and health care problem; it should be given a high priority in many realms and prevented by restricting access to means of suicide, by training primary care physicians and health workers to identify people at risk as well as to assess and manage respective crises.

The Epidemiology of Suicide in Young Men in Greenland: A Systematic Review

Describing epidemiological studies of suicide in young men in Greenland compared with other demographic groups in Denmark and Greenland to inform future suicide prevention strategy will be essential for informing the development of appropriate preventive interventions.

Risk and Protective Factors for Suicidal Behaviors Among Pacific Youth in New Zealand.

This study suggests that given the high rates of suicide ideation and attempts among Pacific young people, targeted trials for new ways of support should be prioritized for this high-risk group.

Suicide among Young People and Adults in Ireland: Method Characteristics, Toxicological Analysis and Substance Abuse Histories Compared

Based on this research it is recommended that strategies to reduce substance abuse be applied among 25-34-year-old individuals at risk of suicide.

Suicide in the Israeli Military : Case-Controlled , Prospective and Retrospective Study

The findings of the current study indicate that suicide is a rare, random and unpredictable event, and there is no significant factor or combination of factors that can predict completed suicide.



Suicide and unemployment in young people

Secular trends in youth suicide may be influenced by unemployment or other factors associated with changes in the macroeconomic climate, and these factors appear to affect women to the same extent as men.

Suicide rates in young men in England and Wales in the 21st century: time trend study

Suicide rates in young men in England and Wales have declined markedly in the past 10 years and reductions in key risk factors for suicide, such as unemployment, might be contributing to lower rates.

Epidemiology of Suicide

  • E. Mościcki
  • Psychology, Medicine
    International Psychogeriatrics
  • 1995
The epidemiology of suicide is presented with a special focus on suicides among the elderly, and the known risk factors for suicide are discussed within a framework designed to encourage a systematic approach to theory testing and prevention.

Reduction in young male suicide in Scotland

There has been a reduction in suicide rates in men aged 15 – 29 years, and this is associated with a significant reduction in deaths by hanging in this age group.

Risk factors for suicide in China's youth: a case-control study

Suicide prevention efforts for youth in China must focus on restricting access to pesticides, early recognition and management of depressive symptoms and mental illnesses, improving resiliency, and enhancing quality of life.

Sex-specific suicide mortality in the South African urban context: The role of age, race, and geographical location

Age, race, and city play independent roles in sex-specific suicide rates in the urban South African context, and possible underlying mechanisms deserve greater attention for context-relevant preventive efforts.

Suicide in China: Unique demographic patterns and relationship to depressive disorder

The strongest empirical data suggest that these trends result from a high number of rural, young females who experience acute interpersonal or financial crises and then impulsively attempt suicide using lethal pesticides or poisons.

Suicide in the French Armed Forces

Despite a global lower risk than in the general population, certain army categories, i.e., Gendarmerie personnel and young men, deserve specific surveillance and preventive measures.