Suicide in China: Unique demographic patterns and relationship to depressive disorder

  title={Suicide in China: Unique demographic patterns and relationship to depressive disorder},
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Recent research on suicide in China reveals several unique findings: 1) female suicides outnumber male suicides by a 3:1 ratio; 2) rural suicides outnumber urban suicides by a 3:1 ratio; 3) a large upsurge of young adult and older adult suicides has occurred; 4) a comparatively high national suicide rate two to three times the global average is evident; and, most startlingly, 5) a low rate of psychiatric illness, particularly depression, exists in suicide victims. The strongest empirical data… 
Suicide in Asia: opportunities and challenges.
Considering the specific socioeconomic and cultural aspects of the region, community-based suicide intervention programs integrating multiple layers of intervention targets may be the most feasible and cost-effective strategy in Asia, with its populous areas and limited resources.
Marriage and Suicide among Chinese Rural Young Women
Suicides by young females in rural China contribute substantially to the high rate of suicide and the total number of suicides in China. Given the traditional familial structure that remains largely
Lifetime Prevalence of Suicidal Ideation, Suicide Plans and Attempts in Rural and Urban Regions of Beijing, China
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The prevalence of lifetime suicide- related behaviour in Beijing is lower than in Western countries, but the low percentage of subjects treated for suicide-related behaviour indicates a major public health problem that should be addressed.
Suicide 2 Suicide in young men
Suicide is second to only accidental death as the leading cause of mortality in young men across the world. Although suicide rates for young men have fallen in some high-income and middle-income
Clinical Characteristics of Depressed Patients With a History of Suicide Attempts: Results From the CRESCEND Study in South Korea
The characteristics of attempted suicide in depressed patients in South Korea can be summarized as a high suicide attempt rate with no difference in the number of suicide attempts and lethality between males and females.
The Prevalence of Suicide Attempts and Independent Demographic and Clinical Correlates among Chronic Schizophrenia Patients in Agricultural Areas of China
Lifetime SA is common among hospitalized schizophrenia patients living in agricultural areas of China and regular assessments, appropriate interventions and clinical management should be integrated into a community-based psychiatric service model for this population.
Behavior Characteristics and Risk Factors for Suicide Among the Elderly in Rural China
Although the characteristics of suicide behavior were similar between the two age groups of victims, the elderly who died by suicide had a greater tendency to experience negative life events and not live with a spouse and efforts for suicide prevention must be tailored to the needs of specific age groups.


Suicide ideation in Chinese adolescents
The rates and severity of self-reported depression and suicide ideation in middle-school students were quantified, the relationship between depression and attempted suicide was examined, and socio-demographic associations were identified.
Suicidality and correlates among rural adolescents of China.
Correlates of Lifetime Suicide Attempts Among Individuals with Affective Disorders in a Chinese Rural Community
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Early identification and interventions focusing on reducing depressed mood, hopelessness, and controlling psychotic symptoms may be helpful in reducing the risk of suicide attempts among individuals with affective disorders residing in the community.
Assessing depressive symptoms in persons who die of suicide in mainland China.
Rebellion and revenge: the meaning of suicide of women in rural China
The current literature on suicide in China shows that the female suicide rate is extraordinarily higher than the rate for males. Many studies have been conducted on the prevalence and perpetrating
[The trend and geographic distribution of suicide in Chinese population].
There was high death rate of suicide in eastern and central rural areas, especially in boundaries among provinces, which could have been related to traditional culture, economic situation etc.
A review of the literature on rural suicide: risk and protective factors, incidence, and prevention.
Although findings are mixed, research and epidemiological data indicate that suicide is a public health concern in rural areas, with suicide rates often greater than in urban areas.
[A case-control study on attempted suicide].
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Mental illness is an important risk factor of attempted suicide, but not an essential pre-condition of suicide attempts, and it is important to establish a national suicide prevention plan that which is pertinent to the conditions in China.