Suicide by Cop Among Officer‐Involved Shooting Cases

  title={Suicide by Cop Among Officer‐Involved Shooting Cases},
  author={Kris Mohandie and J. Reid Meloy and Peter I. Collins},
  journal={Journal of Forensic Sciences},
Abstract:  The frequency and characteristics of suicide by cop cases (SBC) among a large (n = 707) nonrandom sample of North American officer‐involved shootings (OIS) were investigated. “Suicide by cop” is when a subject engages in behavior which poses an apparent risk of serious injury or death, with the intent to precipitate the use of deadly force by law enforcement against the subject. Thirty‐six percent of the OIS in this sample were found to be SBC with high interrater agreement… 
Suicide by Cop Among Female Subjects in Officer‐Involved Shooting Cases
The results underscore that when a female subject becomes involved in a situation leading to an OIS, there is a very high likelihood that she is motivated to be intentionally killed.
Suicide by Cop: A New Perspective on an Old Phenomenon
Suicide by cop (SbC) occurs when an individual purposely engages in threatening behavior toward police officers in an attempt to be killed. Previous studies have found the prototypical SbC subject is
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The study analyzed 84 hostage, barricade, and jumper cases from within a large sample (n = 707) of officer-involved shooting (OIS) cases occurring between 1998 and 2006. Seventy-six percent of these
Examining “suicide by cop”: A critical review of the literature
Critically reviews the SbC research of the last 20 years with focus given to individual characteristics, situational variables, and legal intervention outcomes and indicated that the typical S bC perpetrator is a younger adult, White male experiencing a romantic relationship conflict who has a significant mental health and criminal history.
Factors Influencing Subjects’ Observed Level of Suicide by Cop Intent
The study’s results support the importance of multiple points of data to make decisions of SbC and certain personal characteristics, history of suicide attempts, a domestic dispute in progress, and refusal to surrender significantly contributed to the strength of association.
Police Responses in Officer-Involved Violent Deaths: Comparison of Suicide by Cop and Non-Suicide by Cop Incidents
Officers’ responses in suicide by cop (SbC) situations often include use of deadly force. Given their training and experience, officers’ use of deadly force should mean that they reasonably believe
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Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death among all Americans, the second leading cause of death among Americans ages 25-34, and the third leading cause of death among Americans ages 15 to 24. Over
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Recent trends in assaults on LEOs are examined, focusing on predatory rather than reactive attacks, and a threat assessment model is applied to a case of targeted violence against police.


Suicide by cop.
Health care providers involved in the evaluation of potentially suicidal individuals and in the resuscitation of officer-involved shootings should be aware of law enforcement-forced-assisted suicide as a form of suicide.
Clinical and forensic indicators of "suicide by cop".
Seven case studies are presented which demonstrate the clinical and forensic indicators of "suicide by cop" and have important implications for prevention, officer safety, equivocal death analysis and psychological autopsy, civil litigation, criminal justice proceedings, and community stability.
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A typology of suicide by police was created by separating 143 such incidents from a database of 174 police shooting incidents. The 143 incidents were found to consist of three main categories: Direct
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A 16-item instrument was constructed as a tool to assist medicolegal official in their investigations and certifications of suicidal deaths and confirmed that suicide is a manner of death in which there is evidence of both self-infliction and intention to die.
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Thirty adult mass murderers and 34 adolescent mass murderers in North America are compared on both offender and offense variables to delineate similarities and differences. Findings indicate a
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Suicide by Cop.
Two police officers fired their weapons, killing the ex-boyfriend of a terrified woman who was breaking into her home, pointing a rifle at the floor as he slowly raised the rifle in their direction.