Suicide and meteorological factors in São Paulo, Brazil, 1996-2011: a time series analysis.

  title={Suicide and meteorological factors in S{\~a}o Paulo, Brazil, 1996-2011: a time series analysis.},
  author={Daniel Hideki Bando and Chei Tung Teng and Fernando Madalena Volpe and Eduardo de Masi and Luiz Ant{\^o}nio M. Pereira and Alf{\'e}sio Lu{\'i}s Ferreira Braga},
  journal={Revista brasileira de psiquiatria},
  volume={39 3},
Objective: Considering the scarcity of reports from intertropical latitudes and the Southern Hemisphere, we aimed to examine the association between meteorological factors and suicide in São Paulo. Method: Weekly suicide records stratified by sex were gathered. Weekly averages for minimum, mean, and maximum temperature (°C), insolation (hours… CONTINUE READING