Suicide and Self-starvation

  title={Suicide and Self-starvation},
  author={Terence M. O'Keeffe},
  pages={349 - 363}
A puzzle has been presented in the recent past in Northern Ireland: what is the correct description of the person who dies as a result of a hungerstrike? For many the simple answer is that such a person commits suicide, in that his is surely a case of ‘self-inflicted death’. Where then is the puzzle? It is that a number of people do not see such deaths as suicides. I am not here referring to political propagandists or paramilitaries, for whom the correct description of such deaths is ‘murder by… 

Is “aid in dying” suicide?

  • P. Reed
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Theoretical medicine and bioethics
  • 2019
It is argued that intending one’s death is essential to the nature of suicide, and this intention is normally required on the part of the terminally ill patient when she knowingly takes a life-ending drug.

Licence to Die?: The Meaning and Moral Permissibility of Voluntary Death

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In contemplating any life and death moral dilemma, one is often struck by the possible importance of two distinctions; the distinction between killing and “letting die”, and the distinction between

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The ethical problem of hunger strikes has accommodated competing solutions, even in the context of ethical theories that reject suicide. Some believe the honesty of the subjective goal is enough in

Double meanings will not save the principle of double effect.

This reply to Lynn Jansen makes explicit the multiple misrepresentations she has employed to make her hypothesis seem plausible and points out the ways in which it defies common sense.

Manner Determination in Forensic Pathology

A traditional function of forensic pathologists in the United States is the determination of cause and manner of death, which represents the classic paradigm of medical diagnosis, and reinforces rather than opposes recognition that this is the practice of medicine.

Verhungern von Schutzbefohlenen

Starvation as a consequence of lack of food for economic or logistic reasons is nearly inconceivable in first-world countries, Nevertheless, in 2010 starvation as the cause of death was diagnosed in 44 cases and cachexia in 977 cases throughout Germany.



Suicide and Self-inflicted Death

The most common view of suicide today is that it is intentional self-killing.1 Because of the self-killing component, suicide is often described as self-inflicted death or as dying by one's own hand,

Suicide: A Study in Sociology

Book I Extra-Social Factors 1.Suicide and Psychopathic States 2.Suicide and normal Psychological Sates-Race Heredity 3.Suicide and Cosmic Factors 4.Imitaion Book II Social Causes and Social Types

On the relative strictness of negative and positive duties.

It can be shown, I think, that absurd consequences result if the refraining from injuring/bringing aid distinction is taken to have moral significance in itself.

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Intentionally killing the innocent.

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