Suggestive linkage on chromosome 1 for a quantitative alcohol-related phenotype.

  title={Suggestive linkage on chromosome 1 for a quantitative alcohol-related phenotype.},
  author={Danielle M Dick and John J I Nurnberger and Howard J. Edenberg and Alison M. Goate and Ray Crowe and John P. Rice and Kathleen K Bucholz and John R. Kramer and Marc A Schuckit and Tom L Smith and Bernice Porjesz and H. Begleiter and Victor M. Hesselbrock and Tatiana Foroud},
  journal={Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research},
  volume={26 10},
BACKGROUND Alcohol dependence is a clinically and etiologically heterogeneous disorder. Accordingly, a variety of subtypes of alcohol-dependent individuals have been proposed, and multiple operational definitions of alcohol use, abuse, and dependence have been used in linkage analyses directed toward detecting genes involved in alcohol use and problems. Here, we develop quantitative phenotypes that characterize drinking patterns among both alcoholic and nonalcoholic subjects, and use these… CONTINUE READING